PTNY releases 2013 Who’s on the Trail Report

PTNY’s 2013 Who’s on the Trail Report has just hit the streets and we are excited to share our findings from the past year. This year trail counts were conducted in the villages of Brockport and Albion, west of Rochester. Estimates for the four count locations in these Villages varied from a low of approximately 31,000 annual users at the Albion Canal Park to 72,000 users at the Main Street Bridge in Brockport. In a continuing trend from recent years, walkers were again the dominant users observed on the trail, at 47 percent. Cyclists made up another 40 percent of the observed trail users. While the last few years’ surveys found that the Canalway Trail was popular with walkers, the predominant users prior to 2010 were bicyclists. Most cyclists (96 percent) rode traditional bicycles, but recumbent cycles, tricycles, hand-powered cycles and bikes with children in seats or trailers were also observed. About 51 percent of all cyclists were observed wearing helmets, which is just above the national average of 50 percent.

whos on the trail fig 1

Understanding the volume and nature of trail use is critical in deciding how best to maintain, enhance and promote this unique resource. It is the hope of both the New York State Canal Corporation and Parks & Trails New York that this trail count data will justify current and future levels of support for the trail, encourage local involvement in its enhancement and promotion, and provide a base from which to evaluate its impact on the local economies of the towns, villages, cities, and counties along it.

Check out our full report for more information!


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