Park revitalization in the works

Over the past three years, $175 million has been invested in New York’s state parks system to rehabilitate and revitalize state parks and historic sites. Several signature projects were completed in 2013 at flagship parks like Jones Beach and Niagara Falls.

The list of projects that have been completed or are underway is long, but we’ve included a very short sampling below. New York’s parks are moving into the new millennium!


One thought on “Park revitalization in the works

  1. Thanks Parks & Trails. I was curious to see what the project at Harriman State Park involved, so I clicked on the link, which led me to the official website for Harriman State Park. And once again I’m in disbelief over how the State of New York can set forth a website for its second-largest park that is so incomplete as to be misleading. Want a map of the 200 miles of trails? Good luck. What the site does have is a firewood map, and phone numbers for park offices that are rarely attended. That’s where you can go if you want information about this park, the site tells us. Just don’t look for it here.

    I love park renovation and repair and would love to suggest to the great State of New York that they do a renovation and repair project on their website. Currently, it’s a joke. (Parks & Trail, on the other hand, is awesome!)

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