Will the viewshed be saved?

Billboard along Manhattan’s West Side Highway

Billboard along Manhattan’s West Side Highway

The “Protect the Palisades” coalition has continued its campaign against the proposed LG headquarter building in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. LG’s proposed office tower will rise 143 feet above grade—far higher than the 35-foot limit that has, until now, been respected by other companies in this area.

In December, the coalition held a protest in front of a Best Buy in Manhattan, following a successful November rally.

The National Park Service has also joined the cause. A letter dated January 7 from Kristina M. Heister, NPS Chief of Natural Resources for the Northeast Region, expressed deep concern about the tower and what effect the project would have on the Palisades.

Just last week, the coalition scored another important victory when the Palisades Interststate Park Commission passed a resolution that formally asked LG to reduce the height of its Englewood Cliffs office building. The resolution also asked LG to “refrain from implying” that the Commission never had concerns over the building’s height.

Continuing the momentum, Protect the Palisades will hold a day of action this Saturday, March 8. Concerned citizens will go to stores throughout New Jersey that sell LG products and “Urge customers to take LG’s plan that would spoil the Palisades into account when they’re making their next purchase of a new TV, cell phone, washer, fridge or computer monitor.” Sign up now to support this important cause. 



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