Less than one quarter to go!

With seven new miles completed in 2013, 77 % of the Erie Canalway Trail is now complete. Promising plans and long-standing challenges lie ahead for the remaining 83 miles.


Parks & Trails New York and the Canalway Trails Association New York (CTANY) have released their fourth annual report, Closing the Gaps: A Progress Report on the Erie Canalway Trail 2013. PTNY and CTANY note that 2013 was a year of many accomplishments in efforts to close the remaining 83 miles of gaps in the 360-mile trail that extends from Buffalo to Albany:

  • Seven miles of trail were constructed – six miles between Newark and Lyons in Wayne County and one mile in the City of Little Falls.
  • In 2014, construction will begin on 14 miles of trail, including the eight-mile gap between Amherst and Lockport. When this gap is completed, it will result in more than 134 miles of continuous off-road trail in western New York.

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