Who Says History Can’t Be Fun?

Yarnburst_sheepA chance conversation led local fiber artists, knitters, schools, yarn shop owners, and other groups to create a unique, community-wide fiber event at Clermont State Historic Site this spring. The results are bursting with color.

Conrad Hanson, the Executive Director of Friends of Clermont, and Cindy Mautner, owner of Classic Cleaners in Rhinebeck, were chatting about the annual Chancellors Sheep and Wool Showcase at Clermont. After several twists and turns, the idea of a “yarnburst” at Clermont was born.

Also known as “guerrilla knitting,” “yarn graffiti” or “yarn bombs” these events are a cross between an art installation and a happening. Combining creativity with recycling, craftsmanship and artistry, colorful displays of knitted and crocheted yarn are carefully sewn on or around everyday objects, temporarily transforming benches, statuary, trees, even small structures into beautiful, cheery, or just plain old “crazy quilted” statements. Easily dismantled, it is a sensitive way for commonplace objects in our everyday lives to be reexamined or re-appreciated. When it comes to New York’s past, it’s also a creative, fun way for people to connect with history and nature.

The installation is ongoing, so there is still a chance to catch the Yarnburst in person. Plan your visit.



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