PTNY Growing the Grassroots grant makes western New York conservancy’s publications shine

banner-20100331bA $1,500 Growing the Grassroots capacity building grant from PTNY helped the Chestnut Ridge Conservancy get the members and donors needed to undertake their first major effort to aid in the restoration of Chestnut Ridge Park, one of the largest county parks in the nation. The PTNY grant made it possible for the group to produce two eye-catching full-color, eight-page editions of the organization’s newsletter, the Ridge Times. As the newsletters were widely circulated throughout Erie county, they served as an important membership recruitment and primary marketing vehicle for the Conservancy as they began to undertake the restoration and conservation of five murals painted in 1948 on the interior walls of the Chestnut Ridge Park Casino. See June 2014 issue of the Ridge Times for photos of the restoration.

“Since being awarded the PTNY grant, the Chestnut Ridge Conservancy has made great strides in increasing our visibility and importance in Western New York. We are extremely proud of our progress. PTNY’s financial support has helped us promote our efforts to all of Erie County,” said William C. Even, Chestnut Ridge Conservancy Marketing Consultant.

Information on PTNY’s 2015 Growing the Grassroots grants will be available in September.


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