AmEx a great green partner


Before the announcement…

The Consulting Challenge, conducted on an annual basis, matches American Express’ top talent with meaningful marketing, strategy and capacity-building projects to help nonprofits explore a specific challenge or opportunity area. Out of more than 100 applicants, PTNY was one of 20 organizations selected to participate in the 2014 American Express/ Serve2gether Consulting Challenge.

A team of five American Express marketing and branding experts volunteered to work with PTNY during a 10-week period to address key messaging for the organization as PTNY prepares for its 30th anniversary year and the decades to come. At the end of the 10 weeks, the American Express team presented PTNY with a cohesive key brand and messaging strategy. PTNY was then entered to win one of several $25,000 grants to help implement the suggestions from the American Express volunteers.

As a recipient of one of the $25,000 seed funding grants, PTNY will be able to implement the brand and messaging strategies across all program areas and communication mediums in the year to come.

AMEX After

After the announcement!

Thank you American Express and the Taproot Foundation for this incredible opportunity!


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