Under Pressure

ProtectthePalisades_protestersNew developments in the battle to protect the Palisades viewshed indicate that local officials are feeling the pressure. That’s all the more reason to add your voice to the campaign to Protect the Palisades.

Over the last two months, the focal point of the campaign to protect the Palisades has been in Englewood Cliffs, the New Jersey town where LG wants to build its new headquarters. The efforts have been led by a new group, Concerned Residents of Englewood Cliffs (CREC), which has organized the town against LG’s 143-foot tower – and against other high-rise development.

The mayor and council are feeling the pressure. First, the mayor called for negotiations between Palisades supporters and LG. And this month, the Englewood Cliffs’ Borough Council restored the town’s long-standing zoning to 35 feet for buildings like LG’s.

Despite this good news, LG’s outstanding zoning variances remain – including the right to build a 143-foot tower. Unfortunately, the Council can’t simply revoke these variances. Instead, the height of the tower and accompanying buildings will need to be resolved through a change in position by LG executives, the ongoing litigation, or some settlement among the stakeholders.

We need to keep the pressure on. If you haven’t signed the petition, please do today, and share it with your friends, too.

Learn more at Protect the Palisades.


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