They did it!

Recent visits from the newest members of the Erie Canalway Trail End-to-Ender fraternity higlighted the appeal of the Canalway Trail in the fall. Learn more about these cyclists and their trip below.

Jean hails from Montreal, Quebec,  where he runs a brewpub. Before completing the full 360 miles of the Erie Canalway Trail, he rode the 100+ miles from Toronto to Buffalo, where he arrived by train with his bike and gear. This was his first fully-loaded tour and he was using the ride as a tuneup for future tour. Jean enjoyed the lack of crowds on Erie Canalway Trail this time of year. Although he found all the towns charming, Jean mentioned Little Falls as his favorite overnight. Thanks for stopping by Jean, and congratulations on becoming an ECT End-to-Ender!

IMG_0692Matt and Ray are Coloradans, Denverites to be exact. As friends and cycling enthusiasts, the pair had a pact that upon retirement they would do an extended bike trip. Well, retirement arrived for both, and they made good on their commitment, choosing the Erie Canalway Trail as the venue for their adventure. Ray has been a part of many extended rides, but this was Matt’s first extended cycling tour. They started in Buffalo and were immediately struck by the charm of New York’s canal towns. They also noted how friendly New Yorkers were.Matt&Ray


Jean, Matt, and Ray’s stories and excitement for the Erie Canalway Trail inspire us in our daily work, and we hope they make you want to get out on the Erie Canalway Trail, or any trail of New York’s great trail network.

The End-to-Ender recognition program, administered by PTNY in partnership with the NYS Canal Corporation, recognizes anyone who has completed the entire Erie Canalway Trail, on a bicycle or on foot, whether in one multi-day through-trip or in segments over a long period of time. PTNY sends a special decal and a certificate of achievement to each person who registers as an End-to-Ender through the online form, as well as publishing a list of End-to-Enders in the yearly program report. If you have completed the Erie Canalway Trail this year, remember to register as an End-to-Ender so we can record and celebrate your achievement!


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