New York’s Water Trails

Greenway_Water_TrailOur abundant terra firma trails provide countless options for recreation throughout New York State.  Let’s not forget that our picturesque waterways offer a fun alternative to walking, cycling, and hiking.

Water trails are similar to land trails in that they host a constant flux of outdoor adventure seekers – kayakers, canoeists and other forms of non-motorized boaters – and  come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate paddlers of all different skill levels. Many of New York’s water trails are located in the Adirondacks, Western New York and the Finger Lakes region.

Hudson River Greenway Water Trail Flag

Hudson River Greenway Water Trail Flag

The state’s longest water trails are the 524-mile Canalway Water Trail and the 256-mile Hudson River Greenway Water Trail. The Canalway Water Trail extends throughout the Erie, Champlain, Oswego and Cayuga-Seneca Canals and offers 125 access points.

Both the Eastern Erie Canal and Champlain Canal sections join up with the Hudson River Greenway Water Trail, designated a National Water Trail by the United States Department of Interior in 2012. Stretching from the bottom of the Adirondack Park to Battery Park in Manhattan, the Greenway Water Trail offers access points and campsites  every 10-15 miles, a dozen interpretive Water Trail kiosks, and kayak racks that can be locked.

If you’re new to paddling, search for boat rentals in the area or perhaps borrow a friendly neighbor’s and get outdoors this summer on New York’s water trails!


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