Poetry Trail at Clermont Inspires

Wordscape at ClermontThe Friends of Clermont,
Bringing history to life,
Through poems and prose.

The Friends of Clermont recently hosted a creative month-long poetry installation at Clermont State Historic Site in the Hudson Valley.

The Friends began ‘Wordscape @ Clermont’ by inviting members of the community to submit personal writings from poetry and Haikus to quotes and brief prose. The collection of works were then laminated and displayed throughout a scenic half-mile walk that included the Lilac Path and Walled Garden. Park visitors could explore the path and discover community artwork and poetry.

The inspiring event was a great success in bringing the community together to share artwork, stories, and much more. At the celebratory opening of Wordscape, community members had the opportunity to share their work in an open mic setting nestled next to the Clermont Cottage. The event was successful in bringing in first-time visitors from the surrounding region exposing the beauty of Clermont to new people.

High accolades to the Friends of Clermont for creating such an innovative event to bring the community together and entice new people to visit the historic site.


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